How to make a Reddit video site that’s more like a YouTube

You can get your content on Reddit with some help from a third party, but sometimes the help is just too much.

This article will walk you through how to make your own YouTube site that actually works.

It might be a little more complicated than it sounds.

We’ll cover how to set up your own subreddit, how to edit your content, and how to add your own links to your video.


Make a subreddit If you have a Reddit account, make one to use it for posting and commenting.

To do this, head to Settings > Subreddits > Settings for a page with your own profile.

Then click the “Edit” button in the top right.

Under “Create a new subreddit,” you should see a dropdown box with a search bar next to “submit subreddit.”

If you’re unsure, click “Submit.”

Under the “Subreddit” tab, click on the “Create new” link.

The new Reddit account will pop up, and the “New” button will take you to the Create a new Reddit page.

You’ll then need to select a “subreddit name,” select “New Subreddit,” and click “Create.”

In the “Choose a name for your subreddit,” select a name from the dropdown.

Make sure you check the box next to your name and click the OK button.

The newly created subreddit will be named “AskReddit.”

This will allow you to post content on your own site.

If you don’t have a new site, you can still use the old Reddit account and add your content there.

You can edit your subreddit, too.

Head to Settings.

Select “Settings” and click on “Settings,” then “Settings for Subreddits.”

Select your new Reddit name, and then click “Edit.”

Under “Subreddits” click on a checkbox next to the name you just created, and click OK.

Then you can delete your existing site.


Set up your YouTube channel Your YouTube channel should have a name that’s at least as short as your Reddit name.

Click “New Channel.”

Then click on Settings.

You should see an “Edit Settings” box next in the upper left corner.

Choose “Choose an avatar” from the “More Info” dropdown and then select “Video.”

Select “Create channel.”


Add your links You should now be able to post your content to your YouTube page, but there’s one more step you’ll need to do before you can add any links to the site.

Head over to Settings for your YouTube account.

Under the sidebar, you should be able in the lower right corner to find “Subscriptions,” under “Settings.”

From here, click the link you just added to your channel.

Make note of your URL.

You will need it to set your YouTube content.


Add links to YouTube Now that you have your channel name, your YouTube name, a URL, and your new YouTube channel, head over to YouTube.

Go to the “Add a new YouTube video” section.

In the list, click one of the YouTube links that you added to the channel.

Select the new channel name.

The channel will now appear, with a new link next to it.

The link will have a red bar next the name of the channel, and a red X next to its number.

Click the “+” button next to this number.

You’re now ready to add any video content that you want to add to your new channel.

Head back to the settings page for your channel, click “+,” and then “+” once more.

Click on “Add” to add new videos.

The video will appear in the “My Videos” section on YouTube.

Now, go to the new YouTube site.

Under Settings, click Settings.

In “YouTube video options,” select your new site.

Make your channel a brand new page, then click the + sign next to a video you want added.

You may need to click “View video” to show the video in your YouTube video view.


Add new links to Google’s YouTube You should have your new channels name in the YouTube search results.

To add any new content to this site, head back to your Google account.

Scroll down and select “Add new site” from your home screen.

Click “+” in the drop-down menu.

You need to confirm your selections.


Add videos to YouTube In Google, all videos are shown under the title “Video” in their home page.

When you make a video, the video title will be changed to “Video title.”

To change the title for your video, head under the “Video settings” section and click “+.”

You should also see a “+” next to any video you’re adding to YouTube, like the “How to create a video” video that we posted earlier.


Add content to YouTube This is where the fun really starts.

Head under “Video and Video description” and scroll down to

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