How to setup Azure website hosting from a desktop or laptop

Posted September 25, 2018 08:14:54 It’s possible to set up an Azure website from your desktop or a laptop.

This article explains how.

We’ll cover setting up an online database, managing a site’s security settings, creating a virtual machine, setting up a cloud backup, and managing an external storage account.


Setting up a desktop site for an Azure site Setting up an on-premises Azure site for your own personal website or business is easy.

You can either use the website’s public directory or your own custom directory.

You need to create a private directory, however, because the public directory is public to all other sites that are hosting the website.

To create a public directory, open the Azure portal, go to Sites and Services, and select the Public Directory tab.

In the Public directory, click Create New Public Directory.

This opens a new screen with the new directory name.

If you use the Public Database, it is called Public.

If not, you can use the Private Database.

To use the public folder for a personal website, go ahead and click Add Public Folder in the New Public Folder dialog box.

If the name of the folder doesn’t match your personal website’s name, enter it.

The name you enter will be added to the Public folder.

If your personal site’s name is a web address, use the Web Address tab to specify the name you want the website to use.

In this example, we’ll use the site’s domain name.

You’ll need to make sure you choose a unique username and password for each user.

To set up a private website, you need to go to the Azure Portal, go the Azure Sites tab, and create a new Private website.

This is where the real magic happens. In an on‑premises website, users log in through the public DNS or private DNS, not the public internet.

If users don’t log in to your website through the Public or Private websites, they can’t see the sites you host.

In Azure, you don’t have to set any default passwords.

When you set up your private website’s username and passwords, you’ll use those.

If people log in using a password, they’ll need the same password.


Creating a virtual environment for a website’s internal data directory The Azure portal for creating virtual machines allows you to use a variety of data directories, including public, private, and domain, in your own private database.

You only need to set one directory, and it’s named as such.

In our example, it’s the site.

The Azure Portal for creating a Virtual Machine provides the following options.

Enter the directory name for the new virtual machine in the Name field.

You may need to use the domain name of your site, or the name that you created for the site in the Domain field.

This setting will determine how you use your new virtual computer.

When your virtual machine is set up, you may need a password to access your database.

Click Next.

Click Finish to save your changes.

To start a new virtual server, click the Start button.

In a few seconds, you should see the virtual machine appear.

To test it out, open a browser window in your site’s private directory and browse to

You should see an empty page.

If this happens, the virtual server hasn’t started yet.

Click Start again to see the page load.

If everything goes well, you will see a page showing a new page in your website’s data directory.

This page displays your site.

If there’s a problem, try accessing the page in the private directory again.

The page will display all the site information.

When this page loads, you shouldn’t see a new tab or pop-up.

This means that the website has started.

To exit from the virtual environment, click Exit from the Virtual Environment tab.

You will see that your virtual server is now inactive.

You now have to manually start the server, which is the easiest thing to do.

To do this, navigate to the Virtualization page in Azure, click Start Server, and choose New Server.

You must specify the directory that you want to start the virtual computer in in the Server Name field, and the site name in the Site Name field when creating the virtual domain.

For this example we’ll call the site site.

Go ahead and enter your site name, and click Next.

In another few seconds you should be able to login to the server.


Setting a new web site’s login credentials You can also set a user’s password to be the only thing the website needs to access.

In many cases, this will be needed to login using your email account, which you may not want to share.

To allow your new website to access other sites, add a second password to the site using the Add New User Wizard.

Click Continue.

You want to change the username and email address for the user you

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