The Flywheel website is now hosting some information for the government

The FlyWheel website is the latest company to be hacked and taken over by a government-backed cybercriminal.

The hack has taken down the website of the US Federal Trade Commission, which serves as the US government’s main website.

The FTC has been plagued by cyberattacks in the past year and has suffered major setbacks since its founding in 1946.

The website was hacked in early April, just days after a government contractor said he had been targeted by a Russian hacking group.

The cyberattack came two days after the Trump administration announced it would ban the import of Russian military equipment and the sale of U.S.-made Russian arms to Russia.

The USTR website was not the only site to be compromised.

The Federal Trade Office was also hacked and had its domain and login information compromised in March, according to an Axios report.

The government agency handles a variety of issues, including trade, energy, transportation, health, finance, food safety and the environment.

The Axios article also revealed that the FTC’s website was briefly inaccessible in early June, after the website was taken over for two days by a group calling itself the Federal Trade Alliance.

The hackers were able to redirect traffic to the FTC site for about a week before they were able, the Axios reported.

Federal Trade officials said the hackers were targeting the FTC website in an attempt to steal data.

The group claimed it had obtained a large number of documents on the FTC, the report said.

The data was stolen by a separate hacker.

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