When your hosting company gives you a blank check, it can be devastating

When you host a website, it’s your responsibility to make sure it stays up to date with all the latest news and content, a report by tech site Hubspot says.

But if your hosting provider is giving you a free pass on keeping the site up-to-date, the report says, that could be a fatal mistake.

The report highlights a case where a host gave HubSpot a blank cheque for $1,000 but instead of paying it, it took it in the bank, said Hubspot’s director of customer experience, Josh Peltier.

The host then took a loan of $1 million, Pelter said.

The loan was made to Hubspot by a customer for $3 million, which meant the host was still owed about $600,000, the study says.

The company said it had investigated and found no evidence of a scam.

Hubspot said it’s not responsible for any mistakes that might be made by the host.

“The host is in the best position to make those decisions and should not rely on any advice from us,” the company said in a statement.

It’s also not the first time Hubspot has seen such a scam report.

In May, a customer sent a host a $3,000 bill for hosting a website that did not have the right hosting company.

That led to a review of Hubspot policies.

The bank said the hosting company had failed to pay a $500 fee to HubSpot.

HubSpot said it was looking into the matter.

“We have a policy of always making sure our hosting is available for any customer that requests it and if there is a problem with a customer, we’ll do everything we can to help them get their hosting back,” the statement said.

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