Why Google has no interest in India for its own sake

Google’s decision to build a new $10 billion data centre in India is part of the company’s push to open up its services and make its services more widely available.

Google has been expanding its data centres in the Indian subcontinent for more than a decade, and has recently announced plans to expand further into the country.

The company has also expanded its efforts to create its own cloud, and recently signed a deal with IBM to create a cloud platform called OpenStack, which will allow it to create applications that are “mobile, open, and open source”.

The company also announced last month that it would invest $1 billion in India’s cloud provider Reliance Industries, to further build out the Indian cloud.

However, it has yet to announce a date for when Google would begin operating its data centre, and while Reliance will reportedly begin operating it as soon as it is up and running, it is yet to publicly announce the date.

Google has also not yet announced the location of the data centre for its new data centre.

The data centre is being built in a suburb of Mumbai, but is expected to be operational by the end of next year.

Google’s new data center will be one of several in India, as the company has reportedly been eyeing the country as its data hub for the next few years.

Google is also investing in other Indian internet companies like Flipkart and Flipkarn, and plans to open a new internet portal in India that will help the company “provide a seamless experience for customers and their business partners across a wide range of industries and products.”

Google also announced plans for more data centres for its global expansion, with the company announcing it will invest $3 billion to expand its data center in China.

The Indian government has been keen on building a data centre to support Google’s global ambitions, and in February, it announced that Google had signed an agreement to build the new data facility, which is expected be operational within a year.

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