The biggest site hosts sites to be shut down in US on December 4

Websites that have been shut down by the federal government will remain online for one to two weeks in the face of a new order from the White House, the US Chamber of Commerce announced on Wednesday.

The White House had asked Congress for a list of sites that could be closed to protest the Trump administration’s travel ban, and the chamber said it would be releasing a list on Thursday.

“We will be releasing the list of websites, as soon as it’s ready, and we’ll let the public know exactly what it will be,” Chamber president and CEO Andrew Puzder said on a conference call.

He said the list was being worked on as quickly as possible, adding that the administration had not released a list and had not been notified of the closures yet.

The list will include a handful of big names in the technology industry, including Facebook and Google.

“The Trump administration is trying to silence and suppress the voices of Americans who disagree with their policies, but they are losing in court and in the courts,” Puzde said.

“We will fight for the voices that matter to the American people, and for the rights of every American.”

The website hosting business, the Chamber’s website hosting, was one of the last to be hit by the travel ban.

The order, which is being challenged by a number of states, was put in place to temporarily halt the entry of citizens from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen from seven majority-Muslim countries and impose a 90-day ban on people from the US and Canada.

The move was blocked by the Supreme Court on Friday.

It was a blow to many companies that were already facing the threat of a possible government shutdown.

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