Google: No more Bing for Google+ users

The search giant said it will no longer allow Bing as a service for Google+, its online service for people who use Google+.

The change is rolling out to Google+ accounts on its Chrome browser, Chrome OS, and Android apps.

Google says that it is taking action to limit its impact on the Google+ network as it has in the past, when it removed Bing as its search engine and other services.

The company said that it was taking a different approach this time.

“We’re taking a more targeted approach to address the issue of increased search traffic for Google+.

We’re taking action in the Chrome browser and Chrome OS to ensure that users have a safe and secure browsing experience,” Google’s Senior VP of Search, Adrienne Lee wrote in an internal memo to Google staff.

Lee also announced a change to how search engines will handle traffic to their sites, saying that Google+ will be able to see the traffic on its own and the results from Bing and other search engines.

Google said it is also taking steps to help ensure that Google+, which has around 60 million users, does not experience the effects of other factors like artificial intelligence or new technologies.

Lee said in the memo that the company is taking steps that will reduce traffic to its own sites and help improve the experience for Google’s partners and customers.

The Google+ team has also agreed to work with Google to better understand how search algorithms work, she added.

“As we move forward, we’ll be doing more to understand what factors are driving traffic and what we can do to better protect users and to help mitigate the effects,” Lee wrote.

Google has faced scrutiny from privacy advocates for its data collection practices.

The internet giant has faced criticism for how it uses data collected from Google+ and other social networks, including its data from search queries.

Google is the latest in a growing list of tech companies to be investigated by the Federal Trade Commission over data collection.

Earlier this month, Microsoft was hit with a lawsuit over its data harvesting practices, as well as allegations that it misused data from Microsoft Edge.

Google and Microsoft have declined to comment.

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