Facebook’s website hosting costs rise after legal challenge

Facebook has announced a new round of price increases for its hosting of its website.

The company said that the latest increase is due to the court ruling on its new copyright law.

It also said that it is now taking steps to make it easier for users to get access to its content, but also said it is working on ways to limit the amount of personal data that it shares with third parties.

Facebook, which has more than a billion users, has long struggled to pay its hosting costs.

It was hit by an expensive lawsuit in 2009, which led to a $100m settlement.

It said it has since raised the price of hosting services from $10 per month to $200 per month, a price hike that will increase its costs per user by $30 per month.

A similar price hike was made in 2014, after it was sued by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which challenged the legality of the company’s practice of automatically collecting and selling user data.

Last year, Facebook said it was increasing the amount it would share with third-parties in a bid to cut down on the amount that people would pay.

The move was criticised by privacy campaigners and privacy advocates who said it would allow companies to share information about users with third party advertisers without the users’ consent.

The social network also said in a statement on Wednesday that it had been “improving its ability to comply with court orders”.

“We have recently made significant changes to our business practices and have worked closely with law enforcement to implement our legal obligations,” Facebook said.

“We’ve also implemented new policies that will allow us to collect more personal data about our users in the future.”

“We are working hard to improve the way we collect and share data with third entities, and we will continue to do so,” it added.

Facebook previously said that its new pricing scheme would be available for users on the social networking site, which it previously described as a “business”.

The company has faced criticism in recent months for a number of privacy issues, including the disclosure of personal information about its users, including names, emails and phone numbers, in the US and Europe.

Last week, Facebook was ordered by a US court to delete a trove of documents from a US company that revealed how it used data it collected from users to improve its product.

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