We have more than 300,000 live streams on our site, BBC Sport claims

The BBC Sport live stream team are celebrating a big day.

The BBC Sport site is now the fastest-growing online sports platform in the UK, with the site having more than 1.4 million live streams, more than 30,000 videos and a full range of online tools.

It has been in continuous development since 2015, when BBC Sport was launched.

“The site has become the fastest growing online sports site in the world with more than a million live streaming events on the site, 30,935 videos and tools that allow users to create and manage their own online sports events, plus live events from other broadcasters,” a BBC Sport spokesperson said.

“With our partners across the country, we now have more live streams than any other website, including our sister site Sky Sports and many other broadcasters.”

But the growth has been unevenly distributed across the UK.”BBC Sport is also hosting a range of live events, with live events being streamed on the channel’s own site, or on its partners’ websites.”

As a result, the growth of the BBC Sport platform has been slow and uneven.

But it has also been driven by a range, of new and innovative online tools and technologies.

“These include an expanded live streaming service, which is now more than 700 million live events streamed daily, plus a range that includes a fully-featured video and music platform,” the spokesperson said, “and the BBC’s new live sports app, which brings together live and recorded events, live events and more.”

There are also numerous new services and content that are being added to the site.BBC Sport has also created a new live video platform, called the Live Video, which will be the site’s main online presence in 2018.BBC Sports has also recently added its own dedicated streaming app to the BBC Sports app store, called Live Streaming.

“Our new streaming service is a great way to stream events from around the world, and we’ve created the Live Streaming app to bring the best of BBC Sport’s live events to the web, while also giving you access to our vast library of live video,” the BBC spokesperson said

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