Telstra, Optus launch web-hosting service for ABC News

Telstra has launched an advanced website hosting service, with the Australian Broadcasters Association (ABCA) and News Corp saying they are pleased to see it.

Telstra’s Advanced Hosting Service (AHFS) enables businesses to host their content and services on a single website.

It provides a simple solution to business owners wanting to host, manage and sell their content.AHFS provides a secure, high-performance solution that is suitable for business owners and their content owners who are using traditional hosting services.

It will provide a secure and fast solution for all Australian business owners who require a website hosting solution.

AHFS is available on Telstra’s own website and on its partner’s websites.

News Corp is also a member of the ABCA.AHF also enables businesses with an existing website to host on their own website.

The AHFS service offers a range of features that include: High-performance hosting that allows a single server to host a wide range of content.

High-availability hosting that is easy to host and scale.

Security features to protect your customers information and information security.

The new service is aimed at offering a flexible solution for businesses with content-heavy websites.

AHFS allows businesses to use a single hosting account and allow for the hosting of both a content website and a customer-facing business-related website.

AHF is designed to provide an efficient solution for business and customer content.

The ABCA said AHFS offers a secure platform for businesses that are currently managing multiple sites and content-hosted websites.

“This service enables businesses who are currently hosting multiple sites or content-based websites to take advantage of a new offering from Telstra which provides a single platform for hosting multiple content-focused websites,” the ABCB said.

“The AHF platform offers an integrated platform for managing content hosted on multiple sites that is built on Telastro’s technology and is accessible on both the customer and business end.”

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